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I was headed home from a short trip the other day, and decided to pull over at a gym I happened to spot. It was a good time to sneak in a workout. While I was changing clothes there was a young man in the locker room mopping the floor. I asked him how he liked the gym. A simple enough question. He leaned on that mop, screwed his face a couple of different ways, pointed at me and took off…• “I tried to get in this place and workout when I was 17. But they wouldn’t let me in until I was 18. I am 19 now. I knew more about working out and health than anybody working here, and I couldn’t get in the door. Now can you even believe that?• “So now I work here, but they’re doing this fitness stuff all wrong, everywhere. I am going to change all that. I am saving up my money and I am going to open my own place. Hell, I’ll be a millionaire by the time I am 30, but that isn’t why I am saving up. I just know my place will be popular.• “You can’t just have weights and machines. You’ve got to get in the spiritual, mental, and nutritional stuff too. I know exactly how I am going to do that. I can see it clear as day.• “I’ve got to go now. Have a nice day. Bye!”You know what? I saw my Dad at the same age, in that guy. My Dad wasn’t a person. He was a tornado… an entrepreneur to the bone… a bull in a china shop. That young man is about to turn a lot of peoples’ worlds upside down, and upset the balance of the universe.Naïve? Sure. But we don’t take on impossible tasks if we think they’re impossible. That young guy is going to shoot for the moon and probably hit oil in the process.There was one key trait in him that was the tell of great things to come. He was disgusted, downright mad, at the way the fitness industry is operating. In his eyes there’s a huge, gaping hole in the marketplace. And he’s about to drive a train through it. I have no doubt he will be successful.Sometimes, Grasshopper, the best seeds of an idea are born of frustration. I’ve got to go now. Bye!

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People who love spending time in the gym working out and interacting with people, value wellness, and care enough about others to help them achieve it can excel in fitness careers.As with most other jobs, doing something you love can make you feel like you are not working at all, but just having fun. Working in a gym also gives people the chance to stay fit themselves.Being a trainer, or working in one of the allied professions that fall under fitness careers, has its pros & cons. While a good trainer can earn good bucks over time, especially if he/she gets to have celebrity clients and word of mouth results to more clientele, there are a few downsides to those who choose fitness careers. Not all customers may have an agreeable attitude. There may also be moments when there are very few or no clients.Now if you are bent on joining the number of people who have embarked on fitness careers, prepare to be challenged. You meet all sorts of people who want to get into shape — students, working professionals of all ages, women of all shapes, athletes, and even people with certain disorders or into therapy.Hearing the stories or speaking with some individuals who have achieved a measure of access in their fitness careers reveal that most independent fitness center owners or entrepreneurs find their work quite gratifying. Why? It is mainly because they can be their own boss, and they get to do what they love most.On the operational side, those who have gotten into fitness careers or their own gym business need to make sure that their start-up capital investment will pay off. Besides making sure that all the necessary basic equipment and tools to ensure a safe and satisfying workout for customers are at hand, they also need to think about effective ways to market the business. Creating good relations with suppliers can also pay off.One of the good things felt by individuals who really study, train and get certification before plunging head-on into fitness careers is the sense of fulfillment in leading people to better health or even longevity.Some of the challenges are finding ways to keep clients motivated and not bored with their exercise regimen. In the contemporary era, a personal trainer is looked up to not just as a person who can guide people through a set of exercises but also dispense lots of useful advice pertaining to fitness. Developing or making fitness careers flourish is not just about giving exercises but also nurturing relationships with clients.

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More than fifty percent of the total American population is desperately looking for a way to get rid of excessive amounts of body fat. I read a press release today that was published last month (December 2013). The report stated, American Weight Loss industry is growing by 1.7% this year and the total volume has been reached to $61 Billion. This is a real alarming situation that with all the diet books, fitness experts, meal plans, fat loss programs, Magic Pills and such a huge amount of money invested on fitness, Americans are still overweight and in poor health.According to many so-called health and fitness experts, Weight loss is simple (by the way it is true). Type any fat or weight loss related term in Google or any other search engine and you will see millions (even billions in some cases) of websites in the search results. Some of them are trying to convince you to buy their diet meal plan while others have a perfect weight loss workout plan for you. If you have been struggling to lose extra pounds for any amount of time and have tried something like that, I hope you will agree, majority of those fitness programs are developed by scammers and are good for nothing.An average weight loss and fitness guide available online costs anywhere from $27 to $97. These guides are also known as digital or downloadable products. In majority of cases these so-called fitness guides are available to end users in the form of an E-book (.pdf .pub format) and are immediately available for download once you complete the payment process. E-book is the most cost-effective way to prepare these fitness programs. Moreover, the magical touch by professional marketers makes it easier to rob the hard-earned money from the victims. More than 99% of all those e-books carry nothing more than a generalized information that the buyer already knows.Is It Possible To Lose Weight In This Situation?If you are willing to invest some of your valuable time, not only you can lose weight, but you can also do that in a healthier way. It is 110% possible to achieve the shape you always dreamed of. All you need is to give your efforts to lose weight a right direction. Being overweight is not an isolated issue. Excessive weight is a common physical symptom of many physical, mental, emotional and social problems. Don’t try to treat the symptom only. Use your time and energy to identify the root cause of your problem, treat that and get rid of the symptoms forever.

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For more than 30 years, the fitness bandwagon has spent millions of dollars trying to convince us that the pursuit of slim, hard bodies is the key to happiness. This relentless message has persuaded many to become full-time fanatics, while the vast majority has fallen by the wayside, watching as the fitness bandwagon rolls by. Maybe you are one of the majority.Do not feel guilty; it’s not your fault if you don’t exercise. It’s not your fault if the thought of pumping iron, jumping to an aerobics instructor’s bark, breathing hard and breaking a sweat makes you want to hide under your bed. Blame it on the fitness industry.Much of the reason why you probably abhor exercise can be attributed to the way fitness has been packaged and sold. No matter what is said by the gym staff and personal trainers, the images, emphasis and messages speak louder than the latest politically correct spin. Whether perfection is real or imagined is another story. It’s very rare to find someone who considered themselves to be without imperfections. Even cover models groan about their skinny legs or their puny wrists as if the earth’s rotation depended on their having a different appearance. Why? The fitness bandwagon and the pursuit of perfection that results from it have been drummed to us with a thousand images, launching more obsessions.Self-esteem is largely determined by how we feel about our looks. For instance, when people listen to a speaker in a platform, the visual accounts for 75 percent of what they recall. The majority pay attention to at least 30 percent of the words. People are a little strange that way. It’s a bit disconcerting, yes, how the fitness industry could easily prey on people’s natural tendency to focus on the image, and in turn, let image affect our feelings of self-worth.Health and fitness have become abstracted, mystified and intellectualized. These days, most people rely on experts and scientists instead of their own common sense, to figure out how to be fit. Some people ask “How do I know if I’m working too hard?” as if they can’t tell anymore when they are out of breath or when their muscles are tired. It’s true that people believe that they need these answers so that they can exercise properly. If you have listened to tons of messages dumped into your email and your doorstep by the fitness industry, you will probably believe too. You shouldn’t feel like a dweeb for relying on these fitness “experts” for answers that your body already knows. You have been brainwashed like so many others.Here are a few examples of common questions to which you already know the answers:How long should I walk? Ask yourself, “How long do I feel comfortable walking?”Should I jump rope? Ask yourself, “How do I feel when I try it?”Help yourself answer your own fitness questions by listening to your body. Reflective questioning helps to establish that you are best suited to determine how your body feels with movement.

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The fitness industry is unique in that it offers many different career pathways to those who have the correct certification and like helping other people get fit. You can work with children, adults or seniors. You can choose to work through a health club or resort that offers such training, or you could set up your own Physical Fitness business. It is even possible to see the world by taking a position on a cruise ship as a fitness instructor.The Australian Institute of Fitness offers accreditation courses in three different ways: -· Full-time – an 8-week course to fast track your career plans.
· Part-time – for those that must fit lessons around their other work or study.
· Distance – for those who live too far from a training centre to attend in person, or would rather study at home at their own pace.A fitness career could be just the thing to turn your life around. If you feel unfulfilled and restless, or if you feel that it is hardly worth doing your present work due to dissatisfaction, you need to take control of your life and your future and make a change. Work is the one thing that eats into our personal time. We have to work to earn a decent wage, but really you are actually giving a big part of your life to that goal. If you hate the work that you are doing at present, you will be spending a great deal of your life feeling unhappy.We each only get one chance at life. Might as well do everything in your power to make it a happy one. You don’t have to be young to have a fitness career; you just need to be fit and like helping people. Having a fitness career means that you have the freedom to change from one aspect of it to another to find out which suits you the best.

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Parker Hannifin Corporation is the World’s Leading Tube Fitting Authority. Since 1924, Parker has served the marketplace with dependable fluid power technology. Tube Fittings were among the first products manufactured by the company, and Parker has deep roots and expertise in the design of Tube Fittings. The company manufactures Tube Fittings to a very high standard to conform to all major specification requirements. Parker Tube Fittings are known for their high quality, reliability, consistency, excellent wear, and problem free maintenance. They are manufactured to meet or exceed industrial specification requirements of SAE, ISO, DIN, DOT and JIS standards – so the customer is assured of excellence.Parker Fittings provide leak free solutions in every style – including hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation. They are generally designed to connect a hose assembly to a port or adapter, and are available in a variety of styles including High purity and process fittings, Flare fittings, Compression, bite type, and O-ring fittings, straight thread, pipe, flange and barb fittings, Swivel, Universal and interlocking clamp fittings, Push-o-Lok – push to connect and air hose fitting, Hydraulic hose and reusable fittings.Many configurations are available – most notably straight Tube Fittings, 45/90 degree elbow fittings, and Tee fittings. Tube Fittings need to be available in a variety of materials to suit different needs. Parker Fittings are available in Brass, Carbon Steel (with Chromium6-Free Plating), Stainless steel, Aluminum, and Thermoplastics.Innovations from Parker in the field of Tube Fittings include Seal-Lok Lite – which is a compact high-flow Fitting for high flow at low to medium pressure applications such as fluid conveyance in fuel cell systems, and semiconductor manufacturing. This results in shorter thread lengths and larger flow diameter than instrumentation grade and traditional industrial hydraulic fittings, with easy assembly and leak free performance. Triple-Lok 2 is a soft-seal, stainless steel fitting which incorporates a replaceable soft seal in the nose of the flare, which is positioned to achieve leak-free connections without compromising fitting strength. It can withstand up to 20% higher working pressures than stainless steel 37 degree flared fittings, and features Parker’s patented Robust Port Stud for easier assembly and improved reliability. The Robust Port Stud allows for mistake proof installation in the field, and eliminates the potential for backup washer damage that can lead to leaks. It can be used with standard flared tubes and hose ends, and used standard O-rings in most sizes for convenience and savings.The Triple-Lok Swivel Connection improves performance by design. It features a dual-angle seat that accepts both 37 and 45 degree flare fittings, and repositions the sealing location away from the tip of the male nose, leading to increased pressure ratings in most sizes – a massive 72% higher than a competitive product, and a sealing position that protects the cone and the nose, and improves connection reliability, dual seat acceptance of all sizes of flare fittings, all with no difference in overall swivel nut or fitting body size, and no change in torque or assembly method.Another innovation for Parker in Tube Fittings is the Trap-Seal, with its consistently positive retention in the groove which essentially eliminates the possibility of pop-out that can occur with standard round-shaped O-rings. This innovative O-ring enhancement does not get pinched and fail prematurely and virtually eliminates costly leakage and/or pre-assembly handling time. It also significantly reduces the need to replace or reinstall the seal. Parker keeps abreast of global changes and standards. Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) has been restricted, and Parker has produced a new Chromium-6 Free plating process, which has resulted in a new generation of characteristics in their metal Tube Fittings – these include environmental safety, improved corrosion protection, packaging clearly labeled ‘Chromium-6 Free’, and best of all, no changes in assembly method or torque.Along with all these an more innovations to their Tube Fitting line, Parker also produces custom products for applications as different as snowflakes – Parker can produce new parts in remarkably short times, whether in smaller-run quantities or larger. Parker endeavors to respond to emergency order within hours – not days. It’s easy to see why Parker is the industry leader in the production of Parker Tube Fittings.

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I’ve been asked many times by many people, on what it is they should be looking for when choosing a Personal Trainer. There are many things that we should take into consideration – track record, experience, how comfortable you are with him/her, their techniques, certification… i could go on and on. But I believe that there is an underlying criteria that supercedes many of the above mentioned criteria. Besides the credentials & certifications, what differentiates one Personal Trainer from the other?A personal trainer can have all the experience in the world, countless fancy exercise routines, but if he or she does not have the GENUINE CONCERN for that person who comes to them for help… then it is truly a disappointment. A personal trainer needs to be able to put themselves in the shoes of their client – to understand what it is they really want, to connect with them, and to speak into their lives. As we all know, Fitness is a Lifestyle, and not just a hobby or a trend, and this is exactly why it needs a much deeper and significant approach for it to make an impact and a lasting impression/difference in the life of the person.Take this Quiz.Name the ten wealthiest men in the world.Name the last ten Heisman trophy winners.Name the last ten winners of the Miss America contest.Name eight people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer prize.How about the last ten Academy Award winners for best picture or the last decade’s worth of World Series winners?How did you do? I didn’t do well either. With the exception of you trivia hounds, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday too well. Surprising how quickly we forget, isn’t it? And what I’ve mentioned above are no second-rate achievements. These are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.Here’s another quiz. See how you do on this one.Think of three people you enjoy spending time with.Name ten people who have taught you something worthwhile.Name five friends who have helped you in a difficult time.List a few teachers who have aided your journey through school.Name half-a-dozen heroes whose stories have inspired you.Easier? It was for me, too.The lesson? The people who make a difference are not the ones with the credentials, but the ones with the concern.

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As technology continues to develop there is no doubt that the health club industry will continue to change along with it. So far we have already discussed how interactive technology has made its way into the gym in the form of the Expresso Bike. We have covered the recent trend of the 2 dimensional bar code and how it will change fitness marketing. Now it is time to consider how health clubs will extend memberships beyond their own four walls with the advent of recorded podcasts and webinars.Podcasts and WebinarsIn recent times if technology has done one thing it has changed the way people communicate. With social networking sites becoming extremely popular, smart phones integrating email services, and third party applications and websites providing the ability to host, record, and send a message to an audience as large or specific as desirable, the average individual can communicate with just about anybody from any remote location. Therefore it is only a matter of time before health clubs invent what I call, “remote memberships.”Remote memberships will offer fitness classes to those individuals who don’t live in physical proximity of the club as well as to those folk who are too busy to physically make a trip into the gym. Remote memberships will be cheaper than the traditional (no cost of goods) and will offer health clubs a sort of “passive income” if you will. Just imagine one fitness professional having the ability to coach thousands of individuals at once.A remote membership would offer value in the form of recorded podcasts and live webinars where about fitness instructors would have a live stream recording of their class accessible to those remote members from a location on their gym’s website. This will allow for remote members to literally participate in a workout in real time from the convenience of their home. The only technology that this would require would be an internet connection at both the health club and the remote member’s location. The popularity of computer-to-television adapter pieces would allow for remote members to watch the fitness class using their television as if it were a dvd. Factor in that the U.S. is on the brink of the “internet-television” era in which most televisions will come with a built in internet connection and you can start to imagine how truly close we are to remote gym classes and remote memberships.What are your thoughts on the future of health club memberships? Do you think remote memberships will become a standard in the health club industry?

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Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation, is known the world over for its line of high-quality exercise equipment for both cardio and strength training purposes. In fact, such is its popularity that you will find hundreds of Life Fitness equipment reviews over the Internet, most of which are on the favorable side.These sites are either reseller sites or dedicated sites. On one hand, reseller sites have average consumers submitting the reviews on the exercise equipment based on their actual experiences and personal opinions. You may notice, too, that the structure of the reviews typically leans on the informal side with simple words being used.On the other hand, dedicated sites are usually maintained by professionals whose main job is to gather the written reviews found online as well as to test the products for verification purposes. Thus, you will observe a more structured format to the reviews – product description, pros and cons, then conclusion – as well as set criteria for which the products are judged on. Depending on the site, the reviews come with a star rating usually with a5 as the highest and 1 as the lowest in the scale.You can use these Life Fitness Equipment reviews in so many ways. First and foremost, you have a basic guide from which to choose the right kind of Life Fitness exercise equipment for the home, the office or the commercial gym. Think of it as benefiting from the experience of others instead of just relying on the words of the manufacturer as to the quality of the product.Second, you have a basis for comparison between the brands of fitness equipment. This brand may be well-known in the fitness industry but is it definitely the only one. Plus, other manufacturers have superior and inferior products than these fitness products so it helps to have a point of comparison.Third, you may want to write Life Fitness Equipment reviews of your own and, thus, help others, too. At the very least, you have something to model your first efforts in writing the reviews even if it is only the abovementioned structure beginning with the product description and then ending with the recommendation.In the online world, as it is in the online community, the adage about scratching our backs and we will scratch yours applies in more ways than one. So, write those reviews now and be of help to someone else just as much as other reviews helped in your search for the right Life Fitness exercise equipment.There are a few pointers in writing these Life Fitness Equipment reviews that we seek to impart. You have to use simple words – or at least words that are understandable to the ordinary readers – for the simple reason that you want to help the reader make a decision, not be confounded by your sophisticated words. You can impress with your eloquence, yes, but you were not a big help.Then, you must also be clear, concise and specific. If you like a certain feature, name it and then say your reasons for liking it. If you find a negative feature, then be equally honest.In the end, the Life Fitness Equipment reviews are the personal opinions of the writers. We suggest reading them to get words of wisdom about the product but always practice care and caution.

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There are various types of pipe fittings made of different materials available today. Fittings are used in most of the domestic and industrial purposes to extend, join or terminate the connection in required places. These products are available in different sizes, shapes and measurements to suit different requirements. Plugs, caps, couplings, unions and adapters are some of the different types of fittings which can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable price rates.Various types of materials are used for manufacturing these fittings which include steel, copper, plastic, brass, aluminum and cast iron. The prices of these products vary according to the type of materials used for its production.Typical fittings can be used for extensions, enlarging or reducing, direction, branching, closing and union or makeup. These fittings are used in all types of repair projects and HVAC equipment. However, it is essential to understand the difference between all these fittings to undertake repair projects.Steel fittings are known to be the most durable and tensile fittings. Brass products are also tensile but it is susceptible to damages and corrosion. Therefore most people prefer to use copper fittings due to its non-corrosive properties. Aluminum products are mainly used for most of the domestic plumbing purposes as it is affordable, durable and versatile. Plastic fittings are also used as it is less expensive and widely available in most of the online and offline stores.All types of pipe fittings can be bought easily through online stores but it is essential to understand the pros and cons before buying a particular variety. Some of the most reputable brands of products are showcased in many of the online stores at reasonable price rates.Disadvantages of Yellow Brass Pipe Fittings:Brass fittings are widely available in many of the online stores but these fittings include many disadvantages which shall be discussed in the following sections.Brass is basically an alloy which is made of copper and zinc. It is made available in two varieties which includes red and yellow. The yellow pipes have a large content of zinc in it and it causes various problems. These yellow brass products are known to dezincify which is basically a process of corrosion. The zinc is transformed into zinc oxide in due course of time. It clogs the pipes and fixtures in the form of a white powder.Another disadvantage of the brass fittings is that it weakens the structure of the fixture and causes pin-hole leakages in it. It usually starts from the inside layers of the fixtures and therefore it is quite difficult to detect these defects from the beginning. Finally the pin-hole expands and the water leaks from the outer layers of the fixtures. It can cause serious damages to homes, offices and apartments.The process and the speed of degradation depend on various other factors such as the pressure, acidity and the presence of chemicals in the water. An experienced plumber can identify the defects in brass fixtures easily.